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write write [raɪt] verb wrote PASTTENSE [rəʊt ǁ roʊt] written PASTPART [ˈrɪtn]
1. [intransitive, transitive] to form letters or numbers with a pen or pencil:

• The price is written on the label.

2. also write out [transitive] to write information on a cheque or document:

• He wrote out a cheque for £4000.

3. [transitive] INSURANCE to sell a particular amount of insurance:

• We have written £5 million of insurance this month.

write something → back phrasal verb [transitive]
ACCOUNTING to increase the value of an asset that had been written off or written down. This happens, for example, when a debt that you thought would not be paid is unexpectedly paid — see also write-back
write something → down phrasal verb [transitive]
ACCOUNTING to reduce the value of an asset as shown in a company's accounts:

• The giant hospital chain said it will write down about $100 million in assets and reserves.

— see also write-down
write something into something phrasal verb [transitive]
to include something such as a rule or condition in a document, agreement etc:

• I have to attend regular training sessions — it's written into my contract.

write off phrasal verb [transitive]
1. write somebody/​something → off to decide that someone or something is useless, unimportant, or a failure:
write off as

• We've written the project off as a non-starter.

2. write something → off ACCOUNTING to officially say that someone does not have to pay a debt:

• As part of the deal, all their debts were written off.

3. write something →off ACCOUNTING to reduce the value of an asset to nothing, for example in the case of a bad debt (= money you have lent but that will never be repaid):

• Businesses write off capital assets over a period of years.

4. write something → off INSURANCE if an insurance company writes off a vehicle, it decides that it has been damaged so badly that it is not worth repairing:

• The car has been written off, so they have to pay out for a new one.

— see also write-off
write something → up phrasal verb [transitive]
ACCOUNTING to increase the value of an asset, usually land or a building, as shown in a company's accounts:

• The company can periodically write up the value of certain assets if its directors think the assets are worth more than the purchase price.

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write UK US /raɪt/ verb (wrote, written)
[I or T] to put letters, numbers or symbols on a piece of paper or a computer screen, using a pen, pencil or keyboard: »

Write your name and address on the form.


The negative figures were written in red.

[I or T] to create a document in order to supply information or communicate with someone: »

He wrote a letter of complaint to the Customer Services Department.


A report written by the finance committee made several cost-cutting recommendations.


written communication/confirmation/statement

[T] (also write sth out) to put all the necessary information on a form: »

They wrote me a cheque for $5,000 in compensation.

[T] INSURANCE to provide insurance: »

The bank does not write its own insurance but offers building and contents cover through a third party.

[T] IT to record data in the memory of a computer or a disk: write sth to sth »

The file failed to write to disk because it was too large.

[T] IT to create a computer program: »

The computer package was specially written for market research purposes.

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